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Not everyone can be a manager

I think every first time manager should be required to go through a training called ‘are you sure you know what you’re signing up for as people manager’?

Not everyone needs to be a people manager and that’s ok.

Marketing doesn′t create needs

Marketing doesn’t create needs. The need already exists, whether your audience is aware of it or not. Marketing creates wants, which is one way of fulfilling that need.

Marketing is the perception that ‘comes in’ as a support for the guy or woman who is making the effort, convincing the other part to close the deal.


Overfocus on customers

Stop overfocusing on competitors and overfocus on customers instead. The best marketing ideas come from studying your customers. (Not your competitors)


Good product + good marketing = ♥

Good marketing can sell once, but only a good performance can sell multiple times. In the long run, your performance reverts to the value you provide.

Read it again!

Focus on the right people

Music marketing is not about being heard by everyone. It is about making the right noise for the right people. The right noise is called music. So, the right people will resonate.


Brand strategy

Brand strategy is NOT a marketing plan. Brand strategy is WHY you will win. Marketing plan is HOW: the leverages you will pull to hit your goals.


How to create a hit song?

Connect an idea to an emotion. Music is not about business to business.. B2B or B2C Music is literally about H2H (human to human), not theoretically.


Human brain. Anticipatory machinery

The most outstanding achievement of the human brain is the ability to imagine things and events that do not exist in the real world. As one philosopher puts it, ‘the human brain is anticipatory machinery‘ and creating the future is the most important thing he does.


Be audience focused

Facebook Ads is NOT the best channel. Linkedln is NOT the best channel. TikTok is NOT the best channel. The best channel is where your audience is. Focus on where they are. Not where your competitors are. Not where other marketers are.


Being understood > sounding smart

Leadership is earned over time Just because you are a manager, this doesn’t make you a leader.


Connecting with humans

So many people say they understand their audience, but they never actually take the time to talk to them regularly and consistently. Music marketing is about connecting with humans. Understand humans first, then platforms and technology.


Advertising 😉

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.

You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.


Value your team

When your team feels valued , they will add value.

Keep it simple

If someone explains a concept and I don’t understand it

within a minute or two, it’s possible that I am not as intelligent as they are.

It’s also very likely that they don’t understand it themselves.

Everything is sales

Few understand this. Every action is a negotiation. Even fewer understand this.

Everyone in B2B is:

▻ Doing events

▻ Creating content

▻ Sending emails

▻ Making videos

▻ Recording podcasts

▻ Posting on Linkedin

▻ Running ads

▻ Focusing on SEO

And that’s why CREATIVITY is the most important skill for marketers today.

Creativity will distinguish you when everyone is running the same playbook.